Welcome to Credio

We make technology simpler and more trustworthy. We deliver context based customer experience.

Business meets Technology

We bridge business leaders and technology innovators by making technical terms simple and relevant to corporate objectives


Global Footprint

We build a strategy for the international presence, including identifying early adopters, a channel to reach the customer, a sustainable business model and an ecosystem of local partners  


Social Impact

We believe that technology can help some of the world’s most important social problems. We work hard to increase the impact of the donor-funded projects in order to improve millions of lives around the world

About Us

We use innovations to bridge business gaps and to seize market opportunities

Context-Aware Security 

At Credio, we help businesses maintain the critical balance between data security and robust customer adoption. We enable trust as a business driver. Our approach is to help incubate innovation in the marketplace from a consumer perspective by adding security and privacy controls.  

Global Business Outlook

We realize that global businesses face regional challenges—precipitated by unique socio-cultural, economic, and political conditions. We roll up our sleeves and tackle ground realities to help businesses become more competitive, customer-driven, and future-ready. To do this, we understand the market and customer behavior, along with social and cultural conditions. We also consider government laws and regulations to ensure a successful global launch. 

Leaner, Goal-oriented Approach

Our approach is analytical and logic-driven. Thoughtful innovation includes macro thinking and paying attention to micro details. We take pride in our expertise, but don’t impose it on our customers. Instead, our approach is highly individualized and customized for different business requirements. We don’t impress our clients with what we have done. Instead, we emphasize on what we can do.

Balancing Security and Privacy

The marketplace is becoming increasingly data driven and digitally focused. We believe brands should be able to connect with people and establish trust. Consumers share a lot of personal information—this data is sacred. We ensure that data security benchmarks are maintained. However, user experience cannot be compromised for security. 

  • We bridge technology innovation with business
  •  We help build trusted global partnerships

Our Services

We create holistic business models to ensure that businesses can gainfully interact with their customers.  We ensure innovation is simple, scalable and sustainable.
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