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At Credio, Inc., an advisory firm, we help our clients increase customer adoption by making their digital transformation subtle and frictionless while using personal data responsibly and ensuring compliance with applicable privacy regulations.

Our business APPROACH is to create coinnovation teams and collaboration workshops. Credio, Inc. believes in building startup ecosystems within the large enterprises to spur creativity, use tribal knowledge and train employees on latest technologies. We believe outsourcing is not a viable option but, instead being a change agent for digital transformation within the enterprise.

Credio Inc.’s on-demand platform has a cadre of experts who help our clients deliver simple and secure customer experiences. Our on-demand platform brings cybersecurity, privacy, and payments professionals to partner with clients who are trying to enhance their customer product journey with a secure digital experience.

Credio Inc.’s approach to cybersecurity and privacy is to help our clients use their customer data responsibly. With the introduction of new regulations like GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), brand protection is the key. The ability to act on customer requests for data access and data deletion makes corporate IT, business stakeholders and partners accountable for customer’s personal information.

Our privacy services include

  • Data protection strategy
  • Assessment and gap remediation
  • Data mapping
  • Audit support

Our work in GDPR for global clients includes Data access requests, PIA assessments and privacy by design.

Our cybersecurity programs include

  • Creating secure partner ecosystems
  • Ethical hacking training
  • Cloud security
  • Application security

Credio Inc.’s payment services have enabled frictionless commerce solutions at our retail clients. Our focus is to enable a “pay” button in every services keeping transaction costs low.

Our payment expertise includes

Discover & Analyze
We begin and end with a customer.  Our design of a frictionless experience is driven by data, emotions, human behavior by identifying pain points that are barrier for adoption.

Design & Intergrate
Using Stanford D design principals of human design thinking, we design the solution around the customer not the other way around.  Our integration process includes leveraging existing services on a platform that delivers disruptive experience.

Learn & React
Learning is a key part of our service where the digital transformation is a journey that morphs based on customer adoption.