Our Approach

Credio is a new generation advisory firm with a goal to design simple, secure frictionless customer experience in every digital engagement. An assembly of our experts take a design-centric approach with a cybersecurity and privacy background to increase customer adoption of digital touchpoints for the world’s most ambitious retailers.

Credio’s on demand platform has a cadre of experts who help our clients deliver simple and secure customer experiences. Our on-demand platform brings cybersecurity, privacy, and payments professionals to partner with clients who are trying to enhance their customer’s product journey with a simple digital experience.

Our advisory services include

Cloud Security

We help you identify security holes before they impact your business. And we show you how to fix them.

Data Protection Strategy

We work with you in creating a proved Data Protection strategy by identifying problem areas and designing the fitting framework

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)

We help you create assessment questionnaires, develop a PIA process and assist you in generating and analyzing assessments alongside your Legal team

Privacy by Design

We guide you in implementing Privacy by design principles from ground up.

Data Mapping

We detect your source and target systems, map data points, create flow charts and analyze the different types of data collected.