Who we are

At Credio, Inc., an advisory firm, we help our clients increase customer adoption by gaining their trust. Our focus is to reduce friction in product adoption by balancing use personal information with a balance in respecting user privacy.

Our Approach

Credio Inc.’s approach to privacy and cybersecurity is to help our clients use their customer data responsibly. With the introduction of new regulations like California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), brand protection is the key. The ability to act on customer requests for data access and data deletion makes corporate IT, business stakeholders and partners accountable for customer’s personal information.

Our privacy services include

Data Protection Strategy

We work with you in creating a proved Data Protection strategy by identifying problem areas and designing the fitting framework

Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)

We customize your end-to-end DSAR solution and provide support in managing DSAR requests.

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)

We help you create assessment questionnaires, develop a PIA process and assist you in generating and analyzing assessments alongside your Legal team

Privacy by Design

We guide you in implementing Privacy by design principles from ground up.

Assessment and Gap Remediation

We perform risk assessments and help you meet business requirements including: Data Identification, Inventory of Personal Data, Vendor Risk Assessments

Data Mapping

We detect your source and target systems, map data points, create flow charts and analyze the different types of data collected.

Audit support

We help you mitigate risks to ensure your data integrity and support the audit team in finding potential gaps.

Privacy Program

We support you in developing a vigorous Privacy program that your company can be proud of, including: Employee Training, Privacy Organizational Design, and Content Development