Credio's cloud security framework enables enterprises to build trusted cloud experiences from ground up. Our data driven approach begins with identifying threats based on the design, features, data elements, financial and brand impact by assessing the tools, process, and people.


Credio uses trust as a key element in helping its customers gain cloud adoption. Credio’s mission is to balance security and privacy with user experience.  Credio believes designing trusted experience is an investment not a cost and so, we strive to remove unnecessary friction by embedding security within design thinking principals.

Credio’s cloud security framework 

1. Integrating application security within DevOps

Using “shift left” approach, Credio has enabled clients to incorporate secure development process and integrate security into DevOps.  Our integrated framework integrates SAST tools to scan nightly Jenkins builds and open relevant JIRA tickets. Our team also works with developers to fix vulnerabilities with sample code.

2. Cloud Compliance accelerators

Credio’s out of box Trusted cloud accelerator comes with necessary controls for security and compliance of applications in the public cloud.  Built ground-up, Credio has curated the relevant tools, automated scripts to implement cloud native services to reduce time to market at reduced costs to meet industry security benchmarks like PCI, ISO, CIS, CSA, HIPAA etc.

Trusted Compliance Diagram.png

3. Payment Security

Credio’s approach on balancing security and privacy with user experience starts with blending right data protection controls in the human centric Design thinking approach.  Credio has worked on a number of initiatives to reduce friction while delivering a secure trusted experience.  

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