This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for as well as our general practices around data collection.  

    • Generally, we strive to collect only what is necessary to provide services to you, manage our customer relationship with you, meet our legal and regulatory obligations, keep our website operational and secure, and respond to your questions.  

    • Depending on what you share with us, and our relationship with you, Credio may collect the following data:  

        • your name 

        • email address 

        • phone number 

        • IP address 

        • billing address 

    • company information you share with us 

    • data you submit to us via our contact page, our website, by phone, or via email 

    • bank account information (for processing payments) 

    • any contracts you sign with us (if you become a client). 

    • If you sign up to our mailing list, you may receive periodic emails from us telling you about promotions, new product or service offerings, or changes to this privacy policy. If you would like to opt-out, please submit an email to or call us at 1-888-682-5659.  

    • Since Credio is a US-based company and we use US cloud providers and services, your data will be stored in the United States.   

    • We will delete your data when we no longer have a valid purpose to keep it or if you ask us to remove it (except in cases where we have a legal basis for retaining your data, e.g., you’re a client of ours). Contact information obtained from this website is purged every six months.  

    • We limit how we share your information with third parties. For example, we use plugins on our website. Sometimes, this data is shared with the developers of the app, or the website platform (WordPress). A list of examples can be found below.  

    • We take security and privacy seriously at Credio, and endeavor to protect your information. For example, our site uses TLS 1.3 to ensure communications are encrypted on our website. We also store client and personal data using cloud services such as Microsoft Office365. You can read about Microsoft’s security practices here.   

    • We limit who has access to your data. Only employees, contractors and trusted third parties, namely, those with a need-to-know in order to perform a specific job or service for you or for Credio (for example, billing, consulting, or customer service) are granted access to your personal and/or company data. Additionally, client and other data you share with us via email or other means may be stored on Office365.  

Your Rights 

As a data subject, you have a number of rights. These rights include:  

    • a right to be informed of the data Credio holds about you 

    • the right to rectify any data held by Credio that you feel is incorrect 

    • the right to withdraw consent and ask us to erase personal data of yours that Credio no longer has a legal basis to process 

    • a right not to be discriminated against if you do withdraw consent 

    • a right to access your data in a machine-readable format 

    • a right to request that Credio stop processing your personal data (subject to our legal, contractual or other legitimate interests) 

    • a right to prevent wholly automated decisionmaking involving your data. Note: We don’t really do automated decisionmaking, but it’s still your right as a data subject.   

You can contact us at or call us at 1-888-682-5659 if you have any questions about what we do with your data, or if you would like to exercise any of your rights as a data subject. We may need to verify who you are, and may request some form of identification, which will only be used for the purposes of fulfilling your request.  


Specific Third Party Data Collection 

WordPress: If you submit comments to our website, WordPress may collect your IP address and browser user agent data for spam detection purposes. Automattic Privacy Policy.  


Embedded content from other websites: Articles on this site may include embedded content such as videos, images, articles, LinkedIn, Twitter & Medium posts. You should read their privacy policies to understand how they collect and store your data.