We break down compliance to data privacy regulations into simple strategic tasks

Consent Management

We look for unauthorized 3rd party websites trying to run scripts without your consumer consent. Alerts can be integrated with a simple plug-in. Our consent management tools ensures websites are compliant to applicable data privacy laws.

Policy Compliance

Vendors change their policies on an average of 12 times a year but notify customers once a year. When vendors self-update internal policies, small changes could have a major impact on your consumer data handling practices. privacybar.io alerts you when your third-party vendors change their policies.

Data Subject Rights

Credio makes it easy to verify a data subject's identity, assign inbound requests, delegate data source retrieval, and deliver the results in the timeframe required by law. Our DSR portal integrates with GDPR and CCPA Representative Service plus PII API for additional automation.

Policy Law Alerts

In 2019, an average of 12 data privacy laws were introduced each month. Many new privacy laws (like CCPA) face several amendments, making it difficult to track work and prioritize focus. privacybar.io monitors and assesses the legal impacts to your business.

Privacy Impact Assessments

We assist organizations in identifying and managing privacy risks arising from new projects, initiatives, systems, processes, policies, business relationships or strategies.

Data Mapping

We create data element mapping processes between two distinct data models. Our products facilitate data migration, data integration, and other data management tasks.