A Platform that Combines AI and People

diagram - privacybar
  • Identity Verification
  • Simple Request Form
  • Automated Escalation Process
  • Human Verification of Subject Request
  • Generated Response Letter Across All Vendors
  • Policy Disclosure Template
  • Aims to partner with SMEs who may be unfamiliar with the operational challenges posed by privacy mandates.  
  • Tool allows organizations to meet the duties and standards expected from their consumers while keeping operational costs at a minimum.   
  • Tool transforms privacy management from a manual operational process to Privacy-as-a-Service. 
  • Tool encompasses the totality of privacy regulatory requirements, including GDPR and CCPA. 
  • Service offers the consumer request management from end-to-end.  
  • Service helps you gain visibility where your consumers’ data lives. 
  • Extends its partnerships with law firms for up-to-date legal guidance. 
  • Will help you identify where your PI is located to build a comprehensive vendor ecosystem. 
  • Gives you a benefit to access resources to create system flows for both manual and semi-automated processes. 
  • Service offers customized scalability based on your business needs.