Raj Raghavan

As an entrepreneur, Raj has experience in building more with less resources, raising the bar for employees and client deliverables and never misses an opportunity to dive deep in technical design to earn customer’s trust. Raj is passionate about innovative ideas that simplify human experience and owns a patent for a “Amazon Go” type contactless experience at gas pumps. As a consultant for Gates foundation, he has democratized mobile payments for mass adoption with social impact. As a soccer coach for his daughters, he hasn’t missed a game.

Marit Davey

A dynamic compliance program manager with expertise in both data privacy and security. She is a seasoned expert in building large scale programs on a global scale. Her clients include cloud service providers and top retailers with consumer footprints nationwide and across the world. Marit has an outstanding track record of project success with various privacy regulations and security initiatives. As an excellent communicator, Marit navigates through the innerworkings and operations of organizational management to ensure that obligations are, not only, met but exceeded. On her free time she enjoys painting, yoga and promoting her family’s organic skincare line.

Mike Peters

Mike Peters helps companies manage technical risk. He's been an application security consultant since 2008 and was a C++ developer before then. He specializes in vulnerability management and secure software development, building the metrics and processes to reliably reduce risk while keeping the business moving forward. When he is not consulting, he runs Healing Lab, where he is working to end chronic pain by developing a modern science of energy healing.

Carey Lening

Carey Lening has over 20 years of progressive experience assessing risks and enabling top-tier data security and data protection for industry leaders like Facebook, Palantir and numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Carey has written and lectured extensively on best practices in cybersecurity and data protection, with a particular interest on emerging threats, risk mitigation, and how to make sense of it all. 

On a regular day you can find Carey enjoying a cup of coffee or two around her cats.

Scott Spiker

Scott Spiker has 35 years in electronic payment processing and security industry. Subject matter expert in security design, implementation and management of high volume, high risk systems including implementation of PKI infrastructures. Hands on implementation of symmetric and asymmetric encryption and encryption key management for enterprises of all sizes. He is an active participant in the ANSI accredited X9.org financial industry standards organization, and he is a ​former member of PCI DSS council ​and still participates with providing guidance on encryption and key management. 

Paul Walters

Paul Walters has over 40 years of experience in electronic systems, including payment and related security architectures. Expert in electronic systems security design from DARPA to modern payment systems. He Includes implementation of security infrastructures using PKI infrastructure, symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, key management and all system types. Specifically, he applied cryptography for modern electronic payments security and management. Expert in security implementation of X9.org financial standards, PCI DSS, PCI PED, P2PE, and emerging PCI standards.

Neil O'Farrell

Neal O’Farrell has been fighting cybercrime and identity theft around the world for nearly 40 years. Like so many experts, Neal started his career in the deep end, protecting the networks and secrets of the highest value targets - banks, governments, and the intelligence community.

Neal started his career in security protecting European banks and governments from the first generation of hackers, including winning the first ever contract to encrypt Ireland's entire national ATM network in 1988. He was also a member of the first Federal Communications Commission’s Cybersecurity Roundtable, where he helped develop one of the first online security planning tools for small firms. 

On a regular day you can find Neal singing silent Night in German or preparing for his next sailing adventure.

Dyana Pearson

Over 25 years of experience in IT and Information Security.  Her certifications include:  CISA, CISM, CRISC, PCIP, and PCI QSA.  She has performed numerous PCI DSS security assessments for Fortune 500 Companies and Level 1 Service Providers.  She has also worked at the PCI SSC where her team executed quality assurance audits of QSA Companies.  Dyana provides trusted advisory consultancy to clients to address regulatory and standards-based compliance requirements and offers guidance on entities' overall security posture using a risk-based approach.  When she is not working, her newest hobby is mountaineering in the Red Rock Canyon area of Las Vegas.