At Credio, Inc, we are proud of our culture of social progressiveness with a 2:1 women to men employee ratio. We enjoy teaching and promoting women in our data privacy and cyber security practice and we hope that the trend will grow across the sector.

Credio, Inc. Women In Privacy (CWIP) is a peer-to-peer training program, created to advance and train women to become privacy advocates and gain careers in this exciting field. Our peer to peer training enables women to work on real projects at customer environments where they can grow their technical and soft skills.

The recent changes in global and local privacy laws resulted in an industry-wide shift pushing for the integration of strong privacy principles with robust security measures to ensure the protection of customer, patient, and employee data. In fact, data privacy and cybersecurity are among the fastest growing jobs with a huge skill and employee gap. Cybersecurity labor crunch alone is expected to hit 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021.

According to the World Economic Forum report on the “Future of Jobs 2018”, with enough targeted re-skilling, 95% of workers who are currently at risk from job loss could find good-quality work that pays them more than their previous job.

At Credio, Inc., we are determined to make a social impact by giving women an opportunity to the roles of the future.

CWIP trains women to become privacy data managers and officers in order to support organizations that are overburdened. We train our privacy students with specialty technical and legal skills, ensuring that they are fully informed of the organization’s privacy obligations and processes.

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